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Dr. Duct company provides air duct cleaning services in Denver area. Our company is supplied with the newest and advanced equipment. We clean air ducts not with just positive and negative air pressure but using router brush to clean every inch of your duct. We understand that every house we visit is different and that is the reason we always include extra time while scheduling the service and every house will get as much attention as needed. We always try matching our prices with your budget. Sanitizing every vent is also included in our service. Additional services that we provide are as follows:

A/C cleaning

Open up A/C and clean radiators with plastic brushes. Then carefully blow up all of the sections in radiator with strong compressor and strong vacuum machine suck all dirt and dust inside. Then treat it with A/C cleaner. And put it back together.
$100-$150 depend on how dirty coil is and a construction.

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dryer vent cleaning

If it’s possible opening outside of house dryer vent. Sticking in there special hose with really strong pull of air. Turning on dryer machine and clean all long dryer duct. If duct is metal and hard to clean we use rotor brush and clean the duct all long and then sucks up all of the dust and dirt made by compressor. If the dryer vent is really high so we cannot reach it, we disconnect dryer machine of duct and does the cleaning the same way it sucks up dust the same way. If we cannot reach the vent we need to use leader, or clean it from inside and disconnect dryer machine and use big vacuum machine.
$85 regular price.
$95 if need use leader or cleaning from inside.

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exhaust cleaning

filter acces panel installation

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furnace cleaning

We open furnace lad, use hose of vacuum machine, clean if needed all dust with metal brush, then use the rotor brush to clean blower motor. Then use pressure and blow out all of dust with strong vacuum suck.
Price $95.

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installation UV lamp into the system

mold killer and anti allergy

register vents cleaning

Register vents cleaning is $15-$19. We connected our vacuum machine to the access panel above the furnace. Than close every vent in the house and leave open just one what have to clean. Like that we have a vacuum but instead of pulling of air it blows inside vents into our vacuum machine. Then vacuuming, brushing and clean the vent area and the vent. Then use rotor brush to clean inside the duct all way long. After that blow dust with special pressure. Like that all dust and dirt gets to our vacuum machine. The cost of clean every event is $15 if in the house is 20 or more. And $19 if less than 20 vents.

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return vents (intakes) cleaning

We cleaning same way like register vents. But those so big, and we are charged $24.

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how important rotor brush is

beware of the scam


  1. irina

    Большое спасибо Владу за кропотливый добросовестный труд в нашем не совсем удобном basement. Надеемся на дальнейшее наше сотрудничество….По сравнению с предыдущей компанией его работа просто на высоте….Мы очень довольны…Vlad,Irina Artemev

  2. Dr. Duct (Post author)

    Thank you Irina for good review.

  3. Viktor Gnatyk

    Vlad is a great man. He does his job right and with high quality. He showed me everything he did so I knew what I was paying for. Highly recommend Dr. Duct to everyone.

  4. Marina

    Many of us forget how important is to clean furnace and ducts, And it is also important to work with quality trustworthy contractor. Dr. Duct is contractor to trust. I was impressed by work Vlad did cleaning furnace and duct system in my house. You are my #1 on referral list.

  5. Ashley Ruff

    Great job. Vlad is very nice and very knowledgeable. I would recommend his work to anyone alao great price. Thank you my vents look great and smell good too!

  6. Kelsey Mccalla

    Awesome work! Highly recommended! I cannot say how quick and reliable he is. He got the mouse out of the furnace and the spider webs from the ducting.

  7. Richard Duker

    Good afternoon, we recently bought a house in Lafayette (approx. 3600 sq feet and 3 floors). The prior owners had dogs and cats so we are interested in receiving a quote to clean the ducts. Thanks. Rick

  8. Logan keeney

    Vlad is the man. On time. Works one job a day so he can get the job done right. Money well spent with Dr. D!!!

  9. Molly

    Thank you, Dr. Duct, for your prompt and professional dryer vent cleaning service! This company came immediately after I called, and was very thorough in the work they did for me. As a mother of three, I am so thankful that I didn’t have to wait a week until I could use my dryer again! I would definitely recommend this service provider, and will be using them again in the future.

  10. Amy

    Do you come to LA Salle Co?

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