air-duct and dryer vent cleaning service

If you are tired from high bills for electricity and frequent visits to an allergist. If you are tired from fungus, viruses and bacterias. If your furnace turns itself more frequently and works longer. If air pressure on your upper floors is weaker – then you should give us a call.
We perform complete cleaning of AC and furnace air-duct systems. We perform anti-viral, anti-allergy, an-allergic, anti-fungal cleaning of air-duct systems. This cleaning will allow you to save from 150 to 750 dollars per year and to breath clean air free from viruses and bacteria that can freely spread in your house through heating and AC air-duct systems. Based on customer preference we can install UV lamp like the ones used at the hospitals that allows the circulation of even cleaner air that would stop any circulating viruses.
We use newest equipment and cleaning technology. Our goal is to provide best quality. We can always work based on your budget and are happy to provide the most affordable price.